Strategy & Market Specialist (Saudi Arabia)

Key Responsibilities

Act as a “Strategy Advisor” for the Liquids-to-Chemicals (LTC) program and related issues, and provide relevant strategic and process-related insights to the LTC Business & Project Development Department.
Provide commercial and technical expertise in executing the downstream strategy, including an appraisal of strategic options, identification of strategic tradeoffs, and implementation plans. Take a leading role in the development and updating of the LTC’s strategy in coordination with other subject-matter experts within the various business and service lines.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, or a closely-related specialty

10 years experience in strategy development, strategic planning, and scenario planning in an oil, gas, and/or petrochemicals industry context; preferably in a combination of technical, operational, commercial, and strategic roles.

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